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2. What is the rasa of Rag Desh?

  • Evening, Monsoon season, devotion
  • Evening, Monsoon season, sadness
  • Morning, Monsoon season, devotion
  • Evening, Drought season, devotion

3. How is Indian music learnt?

  • Improvisation
  • The Gharana system
  • Written notation on manuscript paper

4. What are the fast, scale-like patterns played on the sitar called?

  • Sam
  • Bol
  • Tan
  • Trills

5. What is the instrumentation in the version by Benjy Wertheimer and Steve Gorn?

  • Esraj, tabla, bansuri and sitar
  • Esraj, tabla, bansuri and sarod
  • Esraj, tabla, bansuri and tambura
  • Esraj, tabla and bansuri


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