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1. What did Geiger and Marsden's famous experiment entail?

  • Firing alpha particles at aluminium foil
  • Firing beta particles at aluminium foil
  • Firing alpha particles at gold foil
  • Firing beta particles at gold foil
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2. What type of radiation is used for medical tracers?

  • Alpha particles and Gamma rays
  • Beta particles and Gamma rays
  • Alpha and Beta particles

3. In the plum pudding experiment, what were the "plums"?

  • Electrons
  • Protons
  • Neutrons

4. Which type of radiation has no mass or charge?

  • Beta particles
  • Gamma rays
  • Alpha particles

5. Which type of radiation is also known as a helium nucleus?

  • Gamma rays
  • Alpha particles
  • Beta particles


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