Radioactive Materials

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1. On a paper thickness guage, what will happen to the radiation if the sheet becomes thicker?

  • It will emit gamma radiation
  • It will decay
  • It will decrease
  • It will increase
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2. What does low-intensity radiation do?

  • Penetrate Skin
  • Cause cell mutations that lead to cancer
  • Cause cancer
  • Make negative ions

3. What do PET scans for active cancers detect?

  • Gamma radiation
  • Starch
  • Increased Glucose
  • What type of cancer it is

4. What is the main isotope in food?

  • I-123
  • C-14
  • K-40
  • C-15

5. What happens to alpha particles passing close to a nucleus?

  • They are deflected
  • They pass through
  • They repel
  • They bounce back


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