Radioactive Materials

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1. What triggers smoke alarms?

  • The alpha reacts with Carbon
  • Alpha turns into Carbon
  • Carbon particles turn the alpha source into a He atom
  • The Carbon particles fuse with Helium
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2. What happens when a radioactive nucleus emits alpha or beta?

  • It changes the amount of radioactivity in the atom
  • The number of protons and neutrons changes
  • It makes and new element
  • The number of electrons changes

3. Where is the mass of an atom mainly concentrated?

  • Neutrons
  • The Nucleus
  • Protons
  • Shells

4. What is the main isotope in food?

  • C-15
  • K-40
  • C-14
  • I-123

5. What is the method called for treating cancer with radiation?

  • PET scan
  • Radiotherapy
  • Radioscan
  • Radiotopography


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