Radioactive Materials

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1. Why is food zapped with gamma last?

  • So that there's no microorgansims
  • So that other bacterium don't get in and multiply
  • So that the person won't be exposed to radiation
  • So that it decreases the chance of other microbes multiplying
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2. What is the main isotope in food?

  • K-40
  • I-123
  • C-14
  • C-15

3. Fission...

  • Combines nuclei
  • Makes heavier nuclei
  • Causes an atom to split
  • Adds more protons

4. What holds protons and neutrons in the nucleus together?

  • A strong nuclear force
  • An electrostatic force
  • Strong Bonds
  • Ionic Bonding

5. What is a Hazard?

  • Something which introduces risks
  • Anything which may cause harm
  • Chance that someone could be harmed
  • Something which may bring harm to the person


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