Race and Ethnicity

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1. Who said 'members of all human groups believe that their way of doing things are superior to the way that they are done elsewhere' in describing ethnocentrism?

  • Allport
  • Pettigrew
  • Sumner
  • Legewie
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2. Who describes the need for 'acquaintance potential' in integration of immigrants?

  • Pettigrew
  • Kinder
  • Sumner
  • Kam

3. Who found that ethnocentrism contributed strongly to the outcome of the 2008 American Presidential election?

  • Kam and Kinder
  • Banks and Valentino
  • Allport
  • Legewie

4. What percentage of the vote would Obama have won if ethnocentrism had not played a role, compared with the 53.7% he did win?

  • 55%
  • 60%
  • 65%
  • 70%

5. Which of the following is not a mediating factor in the determination of attitudes towards immigrants

  • professions of immigrants
  • similarity of culture to native
  • group size
  • current economic climate
  • extent of integration


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