Race part 1 inequality

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1. Calvert and Calvert identify that?

  • Ethnic group is now a word more commonly used referring to a social group held together by kinship and culture/religion
  • Racism happens on a secular basis
  • Using racial terms can be insensitive
  • Ethnic group is a word less commonly used because some find it offensive
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2. Who states the following definition of an indigenous person ‘of those who inhabited a country or geographical region at the time when people of different cultures or ethnic origins arrived. The new arrivals later became dominant…’

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • United Nations
  • United Nations conventions on the rights of the child

3. When was the Abolition of the Slave trade act?

  • 8th of April 1800
  • 25th of March 1807
  • 1st of December 1805
  • 14th of August 1800

4. The Greensboro four involving Ezell Blair, David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph Mcneil took place where and when?

  • FW Woolworths store in Greensboro on the 1st of February 1960
  • Café Chicago 8th June 1963
  • Selfridges store Chicago on the 2nd of July 1965
  • Weatherspoon’s Greensboro on 9th of January 1961

5. The stolen generation refers to?

  • The impact of war on the young generation
  • Children murdered due to Homicide
  • Mixed race aboriginal children forcibly taken from biological parents and given to white adoptive families in Australia and examples in other countries
  • The taking over of indigenous areas resulting in deaths and reduction of population


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