Race part 1 inequality

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1. Calvert and Calvert identify that?

  • Ethnic group is now a word more commonly used referring to a social group held together by kinship and culture/religion
  • Racism happens on a secular basis
  • Using racial terms can be insensitive
  • Ethnic group is a word less commonly used because some find it offensive
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2. Which influential leader states that racism has historically been a banner to justify the enterprises of expansion, conquest, colonisation and domination and has walked hand in hand with intolerance injustice and violence?

  • George Bush
  • Martin Luther King
  • Rigoberta Mechu Tum the Guatamalan Indigeneous Leader
  • Barack Obama

3. 10) In what year did Portugal declare war against all non-Christians?

  • 1452
  • 1432
  • 1401
  • 1455

4. Who states that ‘racism is a multidimensional complex system of power and powerlessness’?

  • Scriven
  • Calvert and Calvert
  • Burke and Harrison
  • Clements and Spinks

5. Strange fruit is a song by?

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Edith Piaf
  • Nina Simona
  • The sugar babes


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