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1. What does Omni-benevolent mean?

  • Omni-benevolent is a term used to describe God meaning he is all good and all loving
  • Omni-benevolent means you are Jewish
  • Omni-benevolent means god is bad and uncaring
  • Omni-benevolent means you dont understand God
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2. Do you think parents should bring their children up to be religious?

  • Yes because they will get a better job
  • Yes Christian parents will want their children to be christians and believe in God because its the only way to get to Heaven
  • No they can do what they like
  • No because it wont help them in later life

3. What is FREE WILL

  • Free Will is the right to choice and make your own mind up
  • Its Gods name
  • freeing the Whale Willy
  • being able to get things for nothing


  • when you think you are God yourself
  • when some believes they have a connections with God that proves he is real like witnessing a miracle
  • When you drink to much.
  • When you hear strange voices

5. Nobody should be an atheist, do you agree give a reason why you agree and refer to one religion in your answer

  • Everyone should believe in God or they wont get a job
  • Everyone should believe in God and religion so they can go to Heaven after death
  • Everyone should believe in God or they wont get an Xbox for Christmas
  • Everyone should believe in God or they will go to Hell


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