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1. what is the lower mantle characteristics?

  • it is located from 2900 km to 700km, it consists of the the same type of silicate material as the stony meteorite. it is solid because s waves can travel through it and p waves increase in velocity.
  • is 'n grens om 'n verandering van materiaal uit metaal yster nikkel om silikaat materiaal en veranderinge staat klipperige tussen die vloeistof buitekern en die soliede mantel, maar dit is geleë op 2900 km .
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2. what are the processes occurring at a convergent oceanic-oceanic plate boundary?

  • partial melting of the oceanic crust/ volcanic activity creating volcanic islands arc/ the metamorphisation of the rocks due to high temperature and pressure
  • volcanic activity/partial melting/metamorphosis

3. what does the richter scale measure?

  • the magnitude of the earthquake by recording the amplitude of the earthquake waves.
  • intensity of an Earthquake?

4. what is io?

  • olympus moon
  • a moon
  • the moon of jupiter
  • the moon of namek

5. how are pillow lavas formed?

  • Formed by eruption of lava under water, the outside of each pillow shape cooled quickly. Each pillow cooled in layers.
  • Formou por erupção de lava sob a água , a parte externa de cada travesseiro forma resfriado rapidamente
  • Formada por la erupción de lava bajo el agua , el exterior de cada forma de almohada se enfría rápidamente. Cada almohada se enfría en capas .


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