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2. which planets are terrestrial and which ones are gas giants?

  • terrestrial: mercury/venus/earth/mars-gas giants:jupiter/saturn/uranus/neptune
  • terrestrial: namek/venus/earth/mars-gas giants:sunagakure/saturn/uranus/neptune
  • 대한민국
  • u대한민국terrestrial: namek/venus/earth/mars-gas giants:sunagakure/saturn/uranus/neptune

3. how many types of body waves there is?

  • 2: P and S waves
  • 3: P,S and L waves

4. what is the iron meteorite made of, and which layer of the earth it represents?

  • it is made of nickel and iron, and it represents the earth's core
  • fragments of rock
  • earth's core

5. what is paleomagnetism?

  • is ancient magnetism preserved in rocks
  • is a wmd


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