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2. what is the big bang?

  • điểm là tất cả vật chất và năng lượng được nén vào một tỷ không gian lần nhỏ hơn so với một proton.
  • the point were all matter and energy was compressed into a space billions of times smaller than a proton.
  • the point in time were all matter was created

3. What is the scale called that is measured on the observed intensity of an Earthquake?

  • mercalli
  • richter

4. what is a magnetic anomaly?

  • is a value for the earth's magnetic field that is different from the expected value.
  • is ancient magnetism preserved in rocks

5. what does the richter scale measure?

  • the magnitude of the earthquake by recording the amplitude of the earthquake waves.
  • intensity of an Earthquake?


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