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2. what is the form and shape of pillow lavas?

  • pillow and bulbous shape(rounded structures)
  • bulbous shape(hexagonal structures)
  • rectangular structures

3. how was the solar system formed?

  • formed by accretion of material
  • Giant molecular cloud of gas and dust which collapsed under gravity
  • by gaaaawwwdddd

4. why are ophiolite suites trapped within the mountain fold?

  • because segments of the oceanic crust may be broken at the subduction zone
  • because segments of the continentall crust may be broken at the subduction zone

5. what is the average density of the oceanic crust?

  • 2.7 gm/cm3
  • 2.9 gm/cm3
  • 3.0 gm/cm3
  • 2.89 gm/cm3


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