Quiz on all areas of Medicine

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1. What was Laissez Faire?

  • The government shouldn't get involved
  • The government was always wrong
  • The government should get invloved
  • The government was always right
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2. Snow

  • Tracked the Great Stink
  • Tracked the Common Cold
  • Tracked Cholera
  • Tracked the Great Plague

3. Bazalgette

  • Built self cleaning sewers
  • Cholera was water borne
  • Introduced the pension
  • Wrote the Public health act in 1848

4. Harvey

  • The use of Carbolic acid
  • Blood flows round the body
  • Rubber gloves
  • First heart transplant

5. What are the 4 humours

  • Black bile, yellow bile, red bile & phlegm
  • black bile, yellow bile, blood & mucus
  • Black bile, yellow bile, blood & phlegm
  • black bile, red bile, blood & phlegm


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