questions on raising agents?

1. what is the function of chemical raising agents?

  • powders that require liquid and heat to produce the carbon dioxide gas.
  • they must be non accuratley measured and used in large quanties.
  • they have strong characterisitics that can not affect the flavour.
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2. what is the function of steam?

  • the liquid reaches boiling point and steam isnt released.
  • high baking temperatures which allow the liquid to quickly reach boiling point.
  • low amounts of liquid in the mixture for example - milk in yorkshire pudding.

3. how does a raising agent work?

  • the action of moisture triggers a reaction with the raising agent to produce a gas.
  • gas doesnt expand when heated.
  • when heated the bubbles form a rough struct containing a network of big holes.

4. the function of baking powder?

  • baking powder is not made from a combination of alkaline and acid.
  • baking powder is made from a combination of alkaline and acid substances.
  • baking powder is made from a non combination of alkaline and non acid substances.

5. what is the function of carbon dioxide?

  • carbon dioxide is incorporated into mixtures in two ways.
  • one of the ways is chemical raising agents - bicarbonate of soda
  • one of the other ways is using a biological raising agent- from the fermentation of yeast.


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