quantitative methods

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1. Standard deviation

  • Average amount of difference between sample and population characteristics
  • average amount of difference between individuals about the mean
  • How spread apart individuals are in a dataset
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2. 2 assumptions of inferential stats

  • the stats are skewed and kurtosis
  • dependent and normally distributed
  • independent and normally distributed
  • normally distributed

3. Robust statistic

  • One that is not affected by individual, extreme values
  • the mean is a robust statistic
  • one that is affected by extreme values

4. What is the purpose of hypothesis testing?

  • To ensure the mean of the 2 samples is significantly the same
  • To ensure the mean value of the 2 samples are statistically different and not due to sampling erors
  • To ensure the answer is correct

5. Define nominal data

  • Individuals are placed into one category or another
  • Individuals are placed into one category or another as well as the individual making preferences and these preferences are ranked


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