Q's on homeostasis and feedback mechanisms

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1. Explain how progesterone prevents ovulation.

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  • Progesterone has negative feedback. Inhibits secretion of FSH which stimulates follicle development.
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2. Explain how changes in progesterone concentration in March show that ovulation took place at the time indicated.

  • corpus luteum and progesterone produced.
  • oestrogen produced and LH inhibited.
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  • I don't really care.

3. Insulin is being used. Why is blood glucose conc sometimes very high?

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  • Eat carbohydrate/sugar and glucose absorbed into blood. Need more insulin.
  • Eat carbohydrate/sugar and glucose is absorbed into the intestines.
  • They've eaten too much.

4. Explain how glucagon would affect someone’s blood glucose concentration.

  • Glycogen to glucose by activating enzymes; Gluconeogenesis.
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5. Explain how Implanon prevents fertilisation from taking place.

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  • FSH inhibited. Follicle not stimulated. LH inhibited. Egg not released.
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