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1. There is a right angled triangle and the side opposite the right angle, which is also the longest side, has an unknown length.... The other 2 sides have lengths of 6 and 8. What is the missing length?

  • 14
  • 10
  • 100
  • 48
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2. A right angled triangles corners are labelled DEF. DF is the longest side and has a length of 8.9cm. Side DE has a length of 7.9cm. Side length EF is unknown. What is the length of EF in cm?

  • 410m
  • 4.1m
  • 4.1cm
  • 41cm

3. When will pythagoras' theorem work?

  • On an equilateral triangle
  • On a square
  • On a right angled triangle
  • On an isosceles triangle

4. What side is the hypotenuse

  • The longest side of the shape and side opposite right angle
  • The side to the right of the right angle
  • The side to the left of the triangle
  • The side to the left + the side to the right

5. What is the equation for using pythagoras?

  • h^2 = o^2 + a^2
  • h = o+a
  • o = a+h
  • o^2 = a^2 + h^2


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