Puritans in Elizabethan England

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1. In which year did the Puritan influence in parliament become clear, marked by Strickland trying to have the Catholic elements removed from the Book of Common Prayer?

  • 1571
  • 1572
  • 1567
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2. Why did Grindal, archbishop of Canterbury, refuse to suppress phrophersyings?

  • He believed they served a useful purpose in training better preaching
  • He had Puritan sympathies
  • He was too busy

3. In what year was Wentworth sent to the tower for leading a Puritan attack on clerical abuses?

  • 1576
  • 1572

4. In which year were the Martin Marprelate tracts published?

  • 1586
  • 1589
  • 1594

5. Which of these was not a government response to the Martin Marprelate Tracts?

  • Bancroft gave a sermon asserting the rights of bishops
  • The idea of divinely appointed bishops was emphasized by Bancroft
  • Execute the authors
  • Phamplets were issued against the Puritans


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