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2. What happened to Grindal after he refuse to suppress the phrophesyings?

  • He was suspended as Archbishop until his death in 1583
  • He was immediately fired and replaced with Whitgift

3. What was the purpose of the High Commission established in the 1580s?

  • Interrogate bishops to test their loyalty to the church
  • Seek out and execute Heretics
  • Teach appropriate preaching methods

4. Which of these was not imprisoned for demanding change within the church or publicizing seditious literature?

  • Knox
  • Morris
  • Cope

5. Which of these was not a government response to the Martin Marprelate Tracts?

  • Bancroft gave a sermon asserting the rights of bishops
  • The idea of divinely appointed bishops was emphasized by Bancroft
  • Execute the authors
  • Phamplets were issued against the Puritans


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