Puritans in Elizabethan England

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1. In which year did the Puritan influence in parliament become clear, marked by Strickland trying to have the Catholic elements removed from the Book of Common Prayer?

  • 1571
  • 1572
  • 1567
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2. In what year was Wentworth sent to the tower for leading a Puritan attack on clerical abuses?

  • 1576
  • 1572

3. What was the purpose of the High Commission established in the 1580s?

  • Interrogate bishops to test their loyalty to the church
  • Seek out and execute Heretics
  • Teach appropriate preaching methods

4. What was the response to the pamphlet 'Admonition to Parliament', published by Field and Wilcox in 1572?

  • Field and Wilcox were imprisoned and Puritan printing presses were shut down
  • Field and Wilcox were executed and Elizabeth published her own pamphlet against them

5. What happened to Grindal after he refuse to suppress the phrophesyings?

  • He was suspended as Archbishop until his death in 1583
  • He was immediately fired and replaced with Whitgift


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