Puberty and reproduction

Infancy? (0-3)
Physical - Double in height, triple in weight, Develop teeth. Social - Learn how to do things and talk to my parents.
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Preschool? (4-5)
Physical - Reach 50% of their adult height. Social - socialise with peers as friends.
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Lower Primary (6-8)
Physical - Growth slows to about 6cm in height and 3.5kg in weight per year. Social - Begin to have relationships with people other than family (preschool friends etc;).
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Upper Primary (9-12)
Physical - Experience growth spurts. Social - Feel self-conscious about appearances.
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Teens/adolescence (13-17)
Physical - Begin/complete puberty. Social - Begin to care more about personalities and less about appearances.
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A male hormone
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A female hormone
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a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.
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A female reproductive organ
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The uterus is where, if a baby starts to form, the baby is kept. A lining builds up (aka the endometrium) to protect the unborn baby.
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The eggs are stored in the ovaries. Their role is to be fertilized by the sperm, and to make a baby. The baby starts to form when the sperm combines with the egg.
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The ovaries are where the eggs are stored.
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The fallopian tube
The sperm travels down this tube to meet with the egg during sexual intercourse. This tube is also in use during a female’s period when the unfertilised egg slowly makes its way down the tube out of the ovaries.
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The cervix is the opening between the vaginal canal and the uterus.
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Vaginal canal
The vaginal canal is the opening in the female body where blood from your period comes out.
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Endometrium is the lining on the inside of the uterus that protects the forming baby.
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How long does a menstrual cycle usually last for?
The cycle lasts 28 days,. The period or shedding lasts 3-7 days.
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Preschool? (4-5)


Physical - Reach 50% of their adult height. Social - socialise with peers as friends.

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Lower Primary (6-8)


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Upper Primary (9-12)


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