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construction of social groups to which people are assigned
social categorisation
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theory that describes how people compare themselves to others who may be held up as role models
social comparison theory
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using marketing strategies to societal good
social marketing
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news that don't involve serious topics
soft news
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creating images and identities of the person being interacted online to enable one to relate to that person according to need.
solipsistic introjections
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production of a program is funded in return for a high profile advertisement
sponsored programming
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generalised belief about a group of people
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stimuli presented below the threshold for conscious perception
subliminal messages
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laboratory measure of aggressive behaviour against a fictitious person in which a noise blast is incorporated
Taylor competitive reaction time test
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form of qualitative analysis in which the aim of the research is to identify the number of reoccurring themes
thematic analysis
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use of multiple methodologies
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using sensory cues, question asking question and self dusclosure to gain information about someone to achieve a level of trust
uncertainty reduction
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belief that audience members select media to serve predetermined purposes
uses and gratification perspective
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rapid exponential spread of information through digital communication mediums
viral messages
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post production addition of brands to movies or television programs
virtual placement
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responsibility of mass media to monitor the government if abuses and corruption
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study of web content and usage
web metrics
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wanting to be like a fictional character
wishful identification
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an iconic first person shooter game created by id software wherein players play the role of American soldiers.
wolfenstein 3D
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social comparison theory


theory that describes how people compare themselves to others who may be held up as role models

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social marketing


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soft news


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solipsistic introjections


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