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the online world is viewed as a place with no rules wherein new identities may be created or engagement of preferred role play scenarios
dissociative imagination
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a strong East Asian woman is stereotypically portrayed as a
dragon lady
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unusual eating patterns related to extreme dieting
eating disorders
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measure of the how close an experiment with regard to the real world
ecological validity
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guidelines used for ethical practices when making decisions for research
ethical guidelines
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measure of the magnitude of the relationship
effect size
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theory which focused on elaboration and formation of attitudes
elaboration likelihood model
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a group distinguishable by common social characteristics usually designed by in group members
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one factor that is not manipulated but may influence the outcome of the study.
extraneous variable
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points of view that go beyond mainstream norm
extreme views
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messages intended to cause fear for the purpose of persuading consumers to think or behave in a specific manner
fear appeals
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research study performed in a real world setting
field experiment
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a game genre on which the players take the role of a protagonist
first- person shooter
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intense emotional reactions towards others in a virtual environment
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a state when an individual experiences a positive feeling through enjoyment of doing an activity
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group interview which several people take part in moderated discussions
focus group
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giving audience members a way to conceptualise a context for a topic
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the selection of stories that could reach the public while ignoring other informative events
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creating annoying and destructive situations in virtual space
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a political and organisational support for actions providing support for health to individuals or communities
health promotion
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a theory which suggests that consumers' response to advertisement are predictable
hierarchy of effects model
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the media tendency to focus on the who is ahead in the public polls during political campaigns
horse race
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the body shape an individual aspires to attain
ideal body image
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adopting the characteristics of another person
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personal characteristics by which one can be recognised
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ability to change one's identity
identity plasticity
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test measuring the strength of a person's automatic associations between mental concepts
implicit association test
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acting upon an idea without thinking of the outcome
impulsive behaviour
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a way to lessen uncertainty when there are missing informational cues
increased question asking
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spreading humours as a harmful behaviour is a kind of
indirect aggression
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learning through observation and imitation
indirect learning
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a culture where people only look after themselves and their immediate family
individualistic culture
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mass media programs which allows factual information to be dramatised in a manner that is entertaining
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series of interconnected computers and hardwares
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documents and other files stored in the Internet
world wide web
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agreement level between raters who use the same measure for observing a behaviour
inter- rater reliability
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in an interview situation when the one being interviewed is being lead to respond in a certain way even if the interviewer is conscious or unconscious about it
interview bias
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the extent to which the media creates exposure without consumer involvement to start with
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being anonymous in virtual spaces even if informational cues are available
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a hyper sexualised portrayal of a black woman
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research which spans over a period of time involving group of people
longitudinal research
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the marketing strategy in campaign planning using the 4ps
marketing mix
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cognitive representations
mental models
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a statistical technique that simultaneously analyses the results of different studies about the same topic.
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the belief that real world rankings of people are no longer of relevance due to anonymity and that everyone may be treated the same
minimising authority
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variables which alter the relationship between the DV and the IV
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presence of ill health or disease
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fatal outcome of an illness
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adventure game developed by cyan worlds
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political advertisements which aim to put the opponent in the negative light
negative advertising
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the tendency to give more weight to negative messages than positive ones
negativity bias
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a research technique through observation of predetermined behaviours
observational methods
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question that aims to elicit a narrative response including feelings, etc.
open-ended questions
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stereotypical portrayal of eastern culture
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exclusionary and discriminatory tactic to create a positive identity with the subject
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dragon lady


a strong East Asian woman is stereotypically portrayed as a

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eating disorders


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