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1. Which of these is not one of the main four features of the failure to function adequately definition?

  • maladaptive behaviour
  • observer discomfort
  • personal distress
  • unconventional behaviour
  • unpredictability
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2. What are the two types of social norms?

  • Implicit and explicit
  • expersonal
  • internal and external
  • impersonal

3. Which of these is not a limitation of deviation from mental health?

  • culturally biased
  • vague criteria
  • too optimistic
  • some distress is normal
  • difficult to measure

4. Which of these is not a limitation of failure to funtion adequately?

  • unpredictability is not a good indicator
  • some distress is normal
  • maladaptive is subjective
  • vague criteria
  • observer discomfort is not a good indicator

5. How many criteria are ther for the deviation from ideal mental health definition of abnormality?

  • 6
  • 8
  • 7
  • 3


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