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2. Which of these is NOT a weakness for failure to function adequately?

  • Context dependent (may depend on ability to cope)
  • Abnormality is not always accompanied by disfunction
  • Normal abnormality (times when normal to not function eg. grieving a death)
  • Overlooks desirability
  • Cultural relativism (may differ over cultures)
  • Personally rewarding behaviour (some disorders eg. anorexia bring affection and attention)

3. Which of these is NOT a cognitive characteristic of phobias?

  • Made worse by rational argument
  • Fear recognised as "out of proportion"
  • Not helped by rational argument

4. Which of these is NOT a strength for deviation from social norms?

  • No value judgements
  • Social dimension
  • Distinguishes desirable behaviour
  • Gives society the right to intervene

5. Which of these is NOT an emotional characteristic of phobias?

  • Provokes anger
  • Provokes immediate fear or anxiety
  • Persistent and excessive


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