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1. What is a strength of this definition?

  • Society gives itself the right to intervene which may get people help sooner
  • society can teach them how to be normal
  • Society gives itself the right to intervene so people are locked up
  • Prevents abnormal people from becoming a problem for society
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2. What is a limitation of this definition?

  • Too simple
  • May encourage discrimination/prejustice
  • Varies between cultures
  • Varies between individuals

3. Which of these is the correct definition of failure to function?

  • The inability to cope with day to day life
  • The inability to get motivated
  • The inability to talk to people
  • The inability to get out of bed

4. Which of these is a category of the failure to function definition?

  • maladaptive behaviour
  • abnormal perception of reality
  • Catatonia
  • suicide attempts

5. What is the correct definition of deviation from social norms?

  • Behaviour that is accepted in some places but not others
  • Behaviour that violates accepted social rules
  • Behaviour that complies with social norms
  • Behaviour that makes some people uncomfortable


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