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2. Which of the following is part of the criteria for ideal mental health?

  • Congruence between the ideal self and perceived self
  • Stable relationships
  • Environmental mastery
  • Happiness

3. What is a strength of this definition?

  • Prevents abnormal people from becoming a problem for society
  • society can teach them how to be normal
  • Society gives itself the right to intervene which may get people help sooner
  • Society gives itself the right to intervene so people are locked up

4. What is a limitation of the definition of deviation from ideal mental health?

  • Lacking criteria
  • Over demanding criteria
  • Subjective
  • Objective

5. which of these is the correct definition of statistical infrequency?

  • Behaviours that are normal
  • Behaviours that are abnormal
  • Behaviours that are rare
  • Behaviours that are common


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