psychology-the working model of memory

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1. what is the central executive?

  • general store that can hold combinations of info-baddeley 2000
  • 'the boss' that controls two slave systems and deals with cognitive tasks such as mental arithmatic and problem solving
  • holds and rehearses visual and spatial information
  • stores speech based sounds or brief periods-limited duration
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2. negative of central executive?

  • no limited in capacity so could explode
  • limited in its capacity and can only cope with one strand on information at a time
  • pet scans are far too simplistic
  • it hasnt many studies to support its well being

3. what is the short term memory called

  • working memory
  • the boss
  • short term memory
  • sensory memory

4. working memory consists of

  • central executive,and two slave systems:the phonological loop and the visuo spatial sketch pad
  • episodic buffer, phonological loop and visuo spatial sketchpad
  • the two slave systems
  • long term memory, short term memory and sensory memory

5. who created the working model of memory?

  • baltes and kliegl
  • baddeley and hitch
  • baddeley,thompson and buchanan
  • atkinson and shiffrin


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