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method of savage rumbah
quasi, longitudinal of 10 years
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method of communication in rumbah
use a lexi gram with spech synthesisor, use a laminate copy of the lexi gram outside and use hand gestures
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what is the data for rumbah
the langage acisition, concordant 9/10, spontanieoulsy 9/10, utterance right or wrong spontanous imatiationstructure
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results for rumbah
kanzi and malika use lexi gram more spontaneously, they can differntiate between cake and drink whwere as common it sjust food, and pygmy can understand english language, kanzi can refer to someone who isnt present commmon cant
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aim for rosenhan
to investiaget whether we can distingush between insanse and sane in a pychometric hospital
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partcipants for rosenhan
12 hsopstals in usa, staff were in aware of the stufy
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method 1 for rosenhan
obesrevational, 8 psuedo patients 5 male 3 female, all recall hearin voices, all but one was diagnosed woit schitz, admitted to hosptal, they acted normal after that, took notes and data was recorded on the contact between patients and staff
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results for rosenhan
the staff were unaware, when pateints request was 1283 and respone 41 3.6% and in hospotal for 7-52 days, staff considered taking notes and lining up i the queue to be schitz
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method for study 2 rosenhan
the staff were told more psudo patients weere coming in and they had to rate patents o scale 1-10
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results study 2 for rosenhan
193 were suspected, seen by one doctore 41, seen by two 19
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aim for thigpen
to investiaget the treatment and diagnosis of multiple personaltiy disorde
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participants for thigpen
25 year old eve white
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method for thigpen
eve whit was complaining about sever head aches and memory loss, treated with hypnosis and they did psychometric, projected and eeg tests
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results for thigpen
ew was writing letter finsihed in different hadn writing and she doesnt rmeber doing it,eve black came out in therapy session, eb is regressive and ew is repressive jane came out in therapy,
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results of tests in thigpen
eeg showed that jane was similar to ew and eb was most different, iq shows ew has 110 and eve black 104
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aim for griggeths
to nvestigate the thought processes of a regukar comapred to non regular
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participants for griffthes
60, 30 regular 29 male 1 female, 30 non rgaulare 25 male 25 female
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method for griffthes
quasi, all given 3 pound and 60 plays randomly assigned to thinking and non thinking
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independent of r griffthes
gambler non gambler
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dependent for griffeths
subjective cognotive ability thinking allowed and perception of skill interviews, objective is total number of wins and total time spend playing
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results for grigffeths
regular, more skill stayed longer on machin but thinking allowe had mor irreatonal verbalisations, non regular for thinking allwed had more wins
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conclusion for griffeths
allows to help people with gambling adictions and understand ognitive bias
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method of communication in rumbah


use a lexi gram with spech synthesisor, use a laminate copy of the lexi gram outside and use hand gestures

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what is the data for rumbah


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results for rumbah


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aim for rosenhan


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