Psychology- Ch1

What is rationalism? (descartes)
The belief in mind-body duality
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What is monoism? (locke)
The mind and body are one
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What is empericism?
All knowledge comes from senses
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What is structralism?
looked within (introspection) to study sensations
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What is functionalism?
Focused on the function of the mind rather than the structure. Seen in cognitive and evolutionary psychology
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What is psychodynamic perspective?
It focuses on the idea of dynamic unconsciousness. Stimulated research in dreams and memory (FREUD)
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what are behavioural perspectives?
Focuses on the role of the external environment on behaviour. Argues that after birth the human mind is a blank slate (John Locke)
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Behaviourism began as a formal school with the work of...?
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After watson, who developed theoretical framework?
Skinner- examined how behaviour is shaped by reward and punishment
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What is cognitive behaviourism?
How our expectations and thoughts interact with learning and environment to affect how we behave
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What is the humanistic perspective?
personal responsibility, personal grwoth and finding meaning in one's existence
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What is the cognitive perspective?
The study of mental processes, how they develop and how they influence behaviour
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What is sociocultural perspective?
Culture is important for pyschology- key difference in individualism and collectivism between cultures
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What three fields can biological perspective be divided into?
Behavioural neuroscience, behavioural genetics, and evolutionary psychology.
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What is behavioural neuroscience/
The role of brain processes and psychology on behaviour, sensation, emotion and thought
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What is behaviour genetics?
The study of how behavioural traits are influenced by genetic factors- studied using twin studies
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What is evolutionary psychology?
The field that how many human mental abilities and human tendencies are by-products of millions of years of evolution
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What is monoism? (locke)


The mind and body are one

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What is empericism?


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What is structralism?


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What is functionalism?


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