Psychology Case Studies Reicher & Haslam

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R&H research method
Experimental case study (had IV's and DV's/Detailed data collected from small sample).
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R&H sample
15 men with varying backgrounds
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Strength of R&H sample
Diverse group makes it more representative of the population and therefore generalisable.
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R&H sampling method
Self selected sample - adverts in a national newspaper leaflets were released to which 332 men applied.
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Weakness of R&H sample
Small; All have something in common - only a certain type of person will respond to an ad.
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R&H independent variables
Permeability (promotion to be a guard); Legitimacy (didn't occur - were going to be told the roles were randomly allocated); Cognitive Alternatives (new prisoner introduced to change the way of running things).
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Ways in which data was collected in R&H study
Observational data; Self-report data (by psychometric tests which reported social, organisational and clinical variables); Biochemical measures (by daily swabs measuring levels of cortisol to determine stress levels).
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R&H experiment has HEV because...
The prison environment was very authentic e.g. the prisoners and guards had different levels of power and different uniforms.
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R&H experiment has LEV because...
They might be displaying demand characteristics because they are being observed 24/7 and the small sample size doesn't reflect a real prison.
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Was R&H experiment reliable?
Yes it was highly reliable since all of the data gathered agreed.
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Was R&H experiment valid?
Yes because biochemical data was collected which cannot be faked. They're always being watched so they can't be acting therefore illustrating real life responses to situations.
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What six actions did R&H take to ensure their study was ethical?
Participants signed a comprehensive consent form; Independent clinical psychologists monitored the study; Paramedic on standby; On-site security guards; Five-person ethics committee; Three phase screening process so they wouldn't put others at risk.
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Change sample size for R&H
10 prisoners and 5 guards to 100 prisoners and 20 guards - More reliable testing more people and HEV as it reflects a real life prison better - Harder to work as a group so they're less likely to challenge and guards will implement rules.
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Change location of R&H experiment
Real prison to look at interactions via CCTV - HEV but less valid/accurate because real prisoners more likely to lie on tests - Guards more united (training/rules) so higher social identification for them; Higher level of depression for prisoners.
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R&H sample


15 men with varying backgrounds

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R&H sampling method


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