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Milgram's research method
Controlled Observation (No IV; DV was the level of obedience; Highly controlled conditions; He watched the reactions of participants).
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Milgram's sample
40 Men aged 20-50 years old from the New Haven area in America. These men had a range of backgrounds and occupations.
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Milgram's sampling method
Self-selected sample; Used direct mailings and a newspaper advertisement in the local newspaper to obtain sample (test of memory).
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Milgram's controls
Shock generator; Conducted at Yale University; Same confederate; 4 standardised prods; Lottery so the participant would become the teacher; Same word-pair task; Same experimenter, 45V sample shock.
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Milgram upheld the ethical guidelines of...
Confidentiality and Debriefing
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Milgram broke the ethical guildelines of...
Harm, Deception, Consent and Withdrawal
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Strengths of Milgram's sample
Represented Nazi Party; Different educational backgrounds therefore generalisable; Reasonable sample size
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Weaknesses of Milgram's sample
Biased - all men from same area and the same 'type' of person responds to an advert - doesn't represent Americans or women
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Qualitative data from Milgram's study
100% of participants went up to 350V; 65% shocked up to 450V; 14/40 participants showed signs of nervous laughter or smiling
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Quantitative data from Milgram's study
One participant was heard saying "Oh God, please let it stop;" A few participants had 'full-blown uncontrollable seizures;' Participants showed signs of acute stress e.g. sweating and trembling
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Milgram concluded that...
Germans are not different! People will obey authority even when it goes against their personal beliefs due to the situation they are in.
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How did Milgram explain his findings?
LOCATION: Prestigious, SELECTION: Self-selected, TOLD: No permanent damage, CONFLICT: Impress learner was important since he was in the room, PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH: Unaware of rights
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Milgram's study has HEV because...
Shock generator looked real; Sample shock given; Appearance of experimenter; Conducted at Uni (so participants believe in the authenticity of the experiment)
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Milgram's study has LEV because...
The task of shocking and word pairs is not something you'd do everyday; Yale University is unfamiliar to participants so they might have demand characteristics
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Changes to Milgram's sample
Add females and increase age range - More generalisable and allows for comparisons - Women more obedient because of time period/Less obedient because they're sensitive
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Changes to the location of Milgram's study
Do in a workplace - More ecologically valid/Less control over situation/May not want to work again - Less obedient due to increased confidence/More obedient since that's how they are in a workplace
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Milgram's sample


40 Men aged 20-50 years old from the New Haven area in America. These men had a range of backgrounds and occupations.

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Milgram's sampling method


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Milgram's controls


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Milgram upheld the ethical guidelines of...


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