Psychology - attachment quick quiz 1

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1. The infant has a strong attachment with the caregiver, is distressed at separation and content when the caregiver returns. These are the characteristics of which type of attachment?

  • Type C
  • Type B
  • Type A
  • Type D
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2. In Bowlby's Evolutionary Theory of Attachment, what is monotropy?

  • A single process, in which infants learn to recognise caregiver
  • A single attachment to one person who is most important to the infant
  • A single instinct which causes the baby to cry
  • A single theory of attachment

3. In the Learning Theory of Attachment, Dollard and Miller argue that infants form attachments through what?

  • All infant human behaviour is a product of survival strategies and natural selection
  • Infants motivated drives to satisfy needs, leads to operant conditioning in caregiver
  • Infants biological instinct to follow the caregiver because they provide comfort and love
  • Infants cry and smile instinctively, resulting in a bond forming as caregiver wishes to protect infant from harm

4. Infant is insecure with caregiver, very stressed when separated, but rejects the caregiver on return. These are the characteristics of which type of attachment?

  • Type D
  • Type C
  • Type B
  • Type A

5. Who proposed the 3 types of attachment?

  • Ainsworth and Bell
  • Hodgers and Tizard
  • Maccoby
  • Bowlby


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