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2. What is attachment defined as?

  • A strong, reciprocal emotional bond with another person
  • A bond formed between two people
  • When a connection forms between a mother and a baby, usually for life
  • When an infant loves their mother because they provide food for them

3. In Bowlby's Evolutionary Theory of Attachment, what is monotropy?

  • A single theory of attachment
  • A single instinct which causes the baby to cry
  • A single attachment to one person who is most important to the infant
  • A single process, in which infants learn to recognise caregiver

4. Infant is insecure with caregiver, very stressed when separated, but rejects the caregiver on return. These are the characteristics of which type of attachment?

  • Type B
  • Type D
  • Type C
  • Type A

5. Who proposed the 3 types of attachment?

  • Bowlby
  • Ainsworth and Bell
  • Maccoby
  • Hodgers and Tizard


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