Psychology - attachment quick quiz 1

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1. In the Learning Theory of Attachment, Dollard and Miller argue that infants form attachments through what?

  • Infants motivated drives to satisfy needs, leads to operant conditioning in caregiver
  • Infants cry and smile instinctively, resulting in a bond forming as caregiver wishes to protect infant from harm
  • Infants biological instinct to follow the caregiver because they provide comfort and love
  • All infant human behaviour is a product of survival strategies and natural selection
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2. Infant is insecure with caregiver, very stressed when separated, but rejects the caregiver on return. These are the characteristics of which type of attachment?

  • Type D
  • Type A
  • Type C
  • Type B

3. What is attachment defined as?

  • A strong, reciprocal emotional bond with another person
  • When an infant loves their mother because they provide food for them
  • A bond formed between two people
  • When a connection forms between a mother and a baby, usually for life

4. Ainsworth devised which study into attachment types?

  • The Strange Situation Study
  • The Familiar Situation Study
  • The Mother Baby Separation Study
  • The Stranger and Infant Study

5. Who proposed the 3 types of attachment?

  • Hodgers and Tizard
  • Maccoby
  • Ainsworth and Bell
  • Bowlby


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