Psychology A: Memory

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1. What is the purpose of the Episodic Buffer?

  • It deals with spoken and written material
  • It stores and processes information in a visual or spatial form
  • To bind together all the information from the other components
  • It controls attention and coordinates the actions of the other components
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2. What are the two parts to the Phonological Loop?

  • Episodic Buffer & Phonoligcal Store
  • Central Executive & Episodic Buffer
  • Phonological Store & Articulatory Loop
  • Articulatory Store & Phonological Loop

3. Which method was used by Loftus and Palmer?

  • Natural Experiment
  • Laboratory Experiment
  • Field Experiment

4. Who researched Eye-Witness Testimony?

  • Loftus & Palmer
  • Peterson & Peterson
  • Raine et al
  • Milgram

5. According to MSM, what must an individual do in order for information to be passed from the sensory store to the short term store?

  • Pay attention
  • Rehearse it
  • Think
  • Write it down


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