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1. What is a closed loop control used for?

  • a process which compares actual feedback to the desired state
  • A process to maintain the desired goal using feedback and a comparator
  • A process which makes decisions about the correct actions needed
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2. Distributed Practice is....

  • Rest is relatively longer than amount of time practicing
  • Rest is relatively shorter than the amount of time practicing
  • rest is the same length of the time practiced

3. What is the definition of a closed Skill?

  • Occur in motion but predictable environments
  • Occur in a stable, Stationary and predictable environment
  • Occur in stable but unpredictable environments
  • Occur in enviroments that are unpredictable

4. Sensory information that comes primarily from sources in the muscles and joints and from bodily movement is called

  • Vestibular Apparatus
  • Proprioception/Interoception
  • Kinaesthesis
  • Exteroception

5. What is Hicks Law?

  • the quality of movement and / or the sucess of its outcome and is usually goal directed
  • Describes the relationship between choice reaction time and the number of stimulus-response alternatives
  • the differences between individuals
  • The interval between the presentation of an unanticipated stimulus and the beginning of the response


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