psychology research methods

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1. what is a structured observation

  • when there is a pre determined behaviour checklist
  • when the observation is done in a controlled setting
  • when event sampling is used
  • none of the above
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2. an ethical guideline where you must disscus the procedure beforehand wiht the participant

  • advice
  • protection
  • deception
  • debrief

3. researchers recorded behaviour every time it occured during a 10 minute observation. which sampling method was used

  • time
  • event
  • opportunity
  • random

4. what is an alternate hypothesis in an experiment

  • none of the above
  • the prediction there will be a significant correlation
  • the prediction there will be a significant difference
  • the null hypothesisthe

5. what is a open question

  • a question that allows participants to answer freely
  • a question that gives quantitative data


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