Psychology - Palmer (1975) - Perception

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1. What is a perceptual set?

  • When a piece of information is passed from one person to another
  • The tendency to notice some things more than others.
  • When a participant is given a story to remember
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2. What type of experiment was it?

  • Natural
  • Laboratory
  • Field

3. What was the dependent variable?

  • The number of correctly identified objects.
  • Whether story could be remembered accurately or not.
  • Participants' drawing compared to original.

4. What was the independent variable?

  • The four conditions of the context - recognising loaf after seeing kitchen (appropriate), recognising mailbox after kitchen (inappropriate, similar), recognising drum after kitchen (inappropriate, different) and no context
  • The type of task
  • Whether verbal labels were heard or not

5. How many students were tested?

  • 95 participants
  • 64 participants
  • 20 participants


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