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2. Which part of WMM deals with what things are, where they are, movement and actions?

  • visuo-spatial loop
  • articulatory loop
  • visuo-spatial sketchpad
  • phonological store

3. what are the two parts of the phonological loop and what do they each do?

  • phonological loop - hearing and articulatory store - speaking/verbal info
  • phonological store - verbal info e.g. speech and articulatory loop - auditory info e.g articulatory processing
  • phonological store - auditory info e.g articulatory processing and articulatory loop - verbal info e.g speech

4. Research - used fMRI scans, found pre-frontal cortex was activated when verbal and spatial tasks were performed together but not separately - suggests pre-frontal cortex is associated with central executive

  • Baddeley et al (1975)
  • Baddeley and Hitch (1974)
  • D'espositio et al (1995)
  • Gathercole and Baddeley (1993)

5. what are the names of the two subsystems in the WMM?

  • phonological store and buffer
  • articulatory loop and visuo-spatial sketchpad
  • Phonological loop and visuo-spatial sketchpad
  • buffer and central executive


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