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Define encoding
Changing info so it can be stored
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Define storage
Holding info in memory system
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What is retrieval?
recovering info from storage
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What's the sensory store?
holds info received from senses for very short period of time
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what is the recency effect?
info received later is recalled better than earlier info
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Define primacy effect
1st info received is recalled better than subsequent info
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What is reconstructive memory?
Altering our recollection of things so they make sense to us
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Structural processing
thinking about the physical appearance of words to be learnt
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phonetic processing
thinking about sound of words to be learnt
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Semantic processing
thinking about MEANING of words to be learnt
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Levels of processing
depth at which info is thought about when trying to learn it
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things we've learnt that make it hard to recall other info that we have learnt
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retroactive interference
when info we have recently learnt hinders our ability to recall info we have learnt previously
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proactive interference
when info we've already learnt hinders ability to recall new info
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in the context of EWT, the extent to which it can be regarded as accurate
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leading questions
a question which hints that a particular type of answer is required
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Cognitive review
a method of questioning witnesses that involves recreating context of event
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What's a stereotype?
an oversimplified, generalised set of ideas we have about others
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Define storage


Holding info in memory system

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What is retrieval?


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What's the sensory store?


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what is the recency effect?


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