Psychology - Health and Clinical

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1. Name the study that looks at behaviour as a technique for managing stress

  • Mcgrath (1990)
  • Geer and Maisel (1972)
  • Ellis (1962)
  • Engels et al
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2. What was the name of the main study for a biological explanation of anxiety disorders?

  • Dinardo (1988)
  • Ohman (1975)
  • Seligman (1971)
  • Watson and Rayner(1920)

3. Someone with a strong......believes that they are responsible for their health and can improve it by taking action

  • Internal health Locus of Control
  • External health Locus of Control
  • Powerful others health Locus of Control
  • Chance health Locus of Control

4. Definition of Cognitive rational non-adherence.

  • Fully aware of the issues and choose not to adhere
  • Not fully aware of the issues and still choose not adhere
  • Forget to adhere to medical regime

5. How long was the placebo treatment phase in Braam's study (2003) for measuring non adherence?

  • 4 weeks
  • 16 weeks
  • 1 week
  • 3 weeks


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