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2. What were sex-unspecified case studies most diagnosed as in Ford and Widiger (1989) gender bias diagnosis of dysfunctional behaviour?

  • Passive-aggressive disorder
  • Boderline personality disorder
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Histronic personality disorder

3. Description of Group 1 in Geer and Maisel's (1972) study on lack of control as a source of stress

  • Given actual control over how long they saw the image: they could press a button to terminate the image and were told that a tone would precede each image.
  • Yoked to Group .... (they saw photos for exactly the same time as Group...,but were warned that the photos would be 60 seconds apart and how long they would see each photo for.They were also told a 10 sec warning tone would precede each image.
  • Also Yoked to Group.., told they would see images and hear tones.

4. What was the method used in Dannenberg's study about Leglisation as a method of health promotion?

  • Self report
  • Observation
  • Interviews

5. What technique does Ellis (1962) use when looking at Cognition as a technique for managing stress?

  • Operant conditioning
  • Rational emotive therapy (RET)
  • Systematic desensitation


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