Psychology G544: Strengths and Weaknesses of methods

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1. What are the strengths of a self reports?

  • increase academic understanding and reliable
  • reduce demand characteristics and ethical
  • qualitative data and scientific
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2. What are the weaknesses of an observations?

  • potential for misinterpretation and bias and could cause distress
  • unscientific and quantitative data
  • potential for demand characteristics and unethical

3. What are the weaknesses of a self report?

  • low validity and unscientific
  • open to demand characteristics and researcher bias
  • unreliable and low ecological validity

4. What are the weaknesses of a field experiment?

  • lack validity and low ecological validity
  • hard to control and involve covert obs
  • unreliable and subjective

5. What are the strengths of an observation?

  • reduce demand characteristics and inter observer and external reliability
  • high validity and ethical
  • scientific and high ecological validity


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