Psychology - Forensic Psychology

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1. What is the name of the background study for detecting lies while interviewing suspects?

  • Gudjonsson (2007)
  • Mann et al (2004)
  • Inbau et al (1986)
  • Vriji (2000)
  • Kassin and Wrightsman (1985)
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2. What are the names of the those who came up with the Yale Model of Persuasion?

  • Hovland and Janis (1959)
  • Brehm (1966)
  • Pennington and Hastie (1988)

3. Which of these statements is incorrect about the top down approach to creating a profile?

  • Careful examination of the crime/s should establish; 1) is it the same offender 2) Are they likely to strike again? 3) Will next crimes progress in violence?
  • Marauders- Commit crimes within a radius of a 'anchor point' (house, hostel, work etc)
  • Hazelwood proposed there are 4 types on ******; Power assurance, Power assertive, Anger relaliatory, Anger excitement.

4. Which of these statement is NOT a variation in Asch (1956) study on majority influence ?

  • The experimenter directed each individual where to sit.
  • When the naive subject could write down their response.
  • Increasing group size
  • Increasing difficulty of the task
  • Providing support for the subject

5. Name of the main study for types of false confessions while interviewing suspects

  • Kassin and Wrightsman (1985)
  • Inbau et al (1986)
  • Mann et al (2004)


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