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Manifest conent?
The story the dreamer tells
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Latent conent?
The meaning underlying the dream
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When many thoughts from the unconscious appear as one in the dream
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When something unimportant is made central (shifts attention from what really is important)
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Secondary Elaboration?
How the dreamer builds the story when telling what the dream is about which makes analysis hard
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Freud's therapy which releases unconscious thoughts
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Free association?
Encourages patient to express a flow of consciousness
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Slip of the tongue?
When someone uses the wrong word for something
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Dream analysis?
Helps uncover unconscious thoughts by analyzing symbols in the manifest content
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Qualitative data?
Involves stories and attitudes
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Quantitative data?
Involves numbers and statistics
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Valid data?
Finding come from real-life situations and behavious
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When the researcher is affecting the info gathered through their interpretation (bias)
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When the researchers view does not effect info gathered
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Activation-synthesis model?
A model of dreaming by Hobson & McCarley where the brain is active but no sensory info is coming in - the brain puts together the info it has to make sense of it which is known as the dream
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Random activation?
During REM sleep, neurons are active randomly
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Sensory blockade?
During REM sleep, when no info enters to the senses
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Movement inhibition?
During REM sleep, when the body is paralyzed
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Case study?
A research method which gathers in-depth and detailed info when studying individuals and small groups using different means
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Statement of what the study is being carried out to find
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How far findings can be said to be true for those other than the ones who were studied
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Where findings would be said to be found again if study was repeated
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An ethical guideline, where names must not be recorded and they must not be identifiable
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An ethical guideline, where info gathered must not be shared without permission
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Refers to the male penis
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Oedipus complex?
A boy from the age of 4 will have unconscious feelings about his mother and want his father out the way, leading to the child feeling guilty and scared of his father
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Someone cannot go asleep or stay asleep
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People feel sleepy at all times of the day
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People have sudden attacks of sleep during the day
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Circadian rhythm disorder?
Disorder of the sleep wake cycle which causes problems to the body clock
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Occurs when someone is asleep, e.g. nightmares, sleep walking
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Primary sleep disorders?
They are a problem themselves
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Secondary sleep disorders?
They stem from another problem, e.g. jet lag, tiredness
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Latent conent?


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