Psychology: Conformity: Asch's Line Experiment

1. How were the participants sat during the trials?

  • In a random cluster in the centre of the room as this didn't affect the results of the experiment.
  • In a line with the naive participant coming last or second to last
  • In a circle so that the naive participant could see everyone's faces
  • In a line with the naive participant being first so he could watch everyone else give there answers after him
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2. Why did the participants conform?

  • Because they wanted to fit into the group and because they thought the group was right and they were wrong
  • Because they were under pressure from the person reading the questions
  • They didn't conform and answered correctly every time

3. What does confederate mean?

  • An actor taking part in the experiment who pretends to be a subject but who works for the researcher
  • A person who is part of an experiment without their knowledge
  • The person/people who physically organise the experiment and take care of legal issues
  • A participant who agrees to take part in an illegal experiment

4. Who replicated Asch's experiment in 1980?

  • Philip Zimbardo
  • Perrin and Spencer
  • Solomon Asch himself
  • Stanley Milgram

5. What happened during the replication of the experiment?

  • 29% of the naive participants conformed
  • Nearly all of the participants conformed to the majority
  • Only 1 conformed out of 396
  • None of the naive participants conformed


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