Psychology- Cognitive area

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1. What is a weakness of this area?

  • There a high chance of demand characteristic
  • IDK!! IDK!!
  • It's too Cool for skoll
  • There is a high chance that extranous variables will effect the results!
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2. What is a weakness of this area?

  • It often lacks Face validity!
  • It oftern lacks ecological vaildlity
  • It often lacks population validity
  • Validity??

3. What is a strength of this area?

  • It lacks ecological vaildlity
  • IDk....
  • It very practical and lots of real world applications.
  • It's not very practical!

4. What is strength of the cognitive area?

  • It's very good if you want to remeber things
  • Idk??
  • Helps us understand human behaviour
  • It helps work out things

5. What is Cognitive psychology?

  • How we develope
  • Idk tbh :\
  • The study of human information processing
  • The study of the brain


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