Psychological Explanations of Anorexia Nervosa

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1. What's an disadvantage of Bruch's psychodynamic theory?

  • Age bias so it lowers population validity and cannot be generalised to older sufferers, making it harder to treat them
  • Gender bias so population validity is lowered
  • Lack of research, lowers reliability
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2. Petkova's study found what?

  • Positive correlation between severity of AN and level of perfectionism?
  • Media influence were one of the main cause for developing a fear of putting on weight?
  • Media influences are one of the main causes of AN
  • Introduction of tv in Fiji lead to teenage girls reporting an desire to lose weight

3. Which study found that anorexics were finished a task very quickly even though they reported that they weren't impulsive?

  • Butler and Montgomery
  • Halmi et al.
  • Jones and Buckingham
  • Strober et al.

4. What study found that homosexuality was a risk factor of body issues?

  • Becker et al.
  • Siever
  • Halmi et al.
  • Siever et al

5. What does Halmi et al's research suggest about what causes AN?

  • There's no relationship between perfectionism and the development of AN
  • AN is a genetic disorder passed down through families
  • Its caused by a genetic vulnerability of perfectionism that runs in families
  • Perfectionism is the main cause of AN


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