Psychological explanations of AN

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What are the characteristics of AN?
Weight loss to 85% of bodys original weight, body dissatisfaction, anxiety , amenorrhoea (lack of 3 consecutive menstrual cycles )
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Main 3 areas studied?
Ethnicity , peer influences, media
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Grabe + Hyde
Found that compared to Caucasian women + Hispanic females - African Americans have the least body dissatisfaction
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Found in Fiji + Caribbean more positive attitude to larger body sizes. Related to attractiveness, fertility , nurturance
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Child trying to maintain the pre-pubescent figure of a young child e.g. girls with AN have a lack of breasts and so way of avoiding female sexuality. Controlling maturity
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AN is due to ineffective parenting - not understanding the childs request e.g. when child crying for food , they give them a hug - mixing up the signals. Feel the only way they can take control is by regulating food intake
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Jones + Crawford
Overweight girls + underweight boys are teased + through this process of teasing the gender ideals are reinforced
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Jones + Buckingham
The media only influences those with low self esteem
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Becker et al
Followed the attitudes of girls from Fiji following the intro of TV - reported they wanted to lose weight + become more like the TV characters
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Fashion industry starting to realize the negative affects of advertising such thing women + how that can perpetuate onto a persons self image. - intro of larger body sizes
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Main 3 areas studied?


Ethnicity , peer influences, media

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Grabe + Hyde


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