Psychological Explanations for Schizophrenia

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1. What is central control?

  • The cognitive ability to suppress automatic responses whilst we perform deliberate actions instead
  • The cognitive ability to reflect on thoughts and behaviour
  • both
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2. In EE, what is hostility usually accompanied with?

  • Rejection
  • Violence
  • Needless self-sacrifice

3. What did Fromm-Reichmann propose?

  • Schiophrnogenic mother
  • The double-bind theory

4. What is expressed emotion (EE)?

  • The negative emotion expressed towards a patient by their carers
  • The emotion expressed by the schizogenic patient towards their carer

5. How many patients and controls were in Stirling's study?

  • 3000 patients and 1800 controls
  • 30 patients and 18 controls
  • 300 patients and 180 controls


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