Psychodynamic theory - Family systems

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1. Who found relapse rates to be around 50% in families with high EE compared to 11 in low EE

  • Brown et Al?
  • Waring and Ricks?
  • Fromm Reichmann
  • Vaughann and Leff?
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2. What is this theory criticised for being?

  • Too deterministic
  • Reductionist

3. Who said that the schizophrenogenic mothers in the family systems theory are shy and withdrawn and are not highly emotional?

  • Vaughann and Leff?
  • Waring and Ricks
  • Brown Et Al?
  • Fromm Reichmann

4. What are schizophrenogenic mothers guilty of being?

  • Being avoidant of the child?
  • Being confusing? Wanting the child and then scolding the child
  • Being caring?

5. Who introduced this idea of family systems theory?

  • Vaughann and Leff
  • Waring and Ricks
  • Fromm Reichmann?
  • Brown Et Al


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