Psychodynamic approach to depression

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1. what does bemporad say about loss of a family member before 18 months old ?

  • get anger problems
  • hate the world and become depressed
  • seek affection if they dont get it they become depressed
  • nothing happens they are too young to remember
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2. what methods does psychoanalysis use?

  • anti depressants
  • free association , mind map and drawing
  • Dream analysis, projective test and free association
  • dream analysis and sleeping pills

3. who carried out the study into rhesus monkey and found that they suffered seperation anxiety and depression ?


4. what does psychoanalysis do ?

  • combat issues
  • unroot issues in the unconsious mind and bring them to patients attention
  • give drugs to patient
  • talk about childhood

5. who proposed this approach?

  • bifilco
  • foot
  • freud
  • miller


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