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2. what part of the personality works on a morality principle?

  • Superego
  • Preconscious
  • Id
  • Ego

3. what is the latency period?

  • forming same sex friendships
  • resting period
  • All of these
  • repression of desires

4. what is an anal retentive character?

  • Optimistic, admiring of others and gullible
  • Messy, reckless and organised
  • Obstinate, careful and precise
  • Envious, pessimistic and sarcastic

5. What did Freud believe to be the reason for Little Hans's fear of horses?

  • he was afraid of his father
  • it was a repressed desire for widdlers
  • He was jealous of his sister
  • Resolution of the Oedipus complex


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