Psychodynamic Approach

1. Which one of these techniques are associated with psychodynamic therapy?

  • Free Association
  • Token Economy
  • Family Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy
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2. Which psychologist came up with the attachment theory in psychodynamic approach?

  • Rogers
  • Bowlby
  • Rotter
  • Freud

3. Which part of the mind is driven by the sex and aggression drive?

  • ID
  • Ego
  • Superego

4. Which one of these psychologists is associated with the psychodynamic approach?

  • Freud
  • Maslow
  • Rotter
  • Bandura

5. Which one of these statements is a principle of the psychodynamic approach?

  • behaviour is a result of our imagination prospering
  • our behaviour is influenced by unconscious forces
  • behaviour is determined by our thoughts
  • behaviour learned, can be unlearned


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