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How many functions does the liver perform?
Over 5,000
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Liver has its own supply of
Red blood cells & sugars
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When stressed we crave
Sweet foods
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The body is preparing for
Fight or flight
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We need sugar for
energy-to exercise
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If we don't burn off fats & sugars
It turns into cholesterol which sits on blood vessels
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How much of cholesterol is due to stress?
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Blood flows quickly in blood vessels leading to
High blood pressure
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High blood pressure can result in
A stroke
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Smoking makes blood vessels
Less flexible
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Smokers-when bits of plaque break off in blood vessels..
They get stuck
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Trapped plaque leads to
Coronary heart disease & stroke
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Stomach breaking down is known as
Butterflies in stomach
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Stomach breaking down all the time can result in
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Our immune system is suppressed, which cells go undetected?
Cancer cells
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Lungs expand and take moisture from
The mouth
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No moisture in mouth means
we can't speak
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Sweat helps our body
Keep its temperature at optimum temperature
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The pancreas shuts down, it usually produces
Insulin, but sugar is needed
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Chronic shutting down of pancreas can result in
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Our pupils
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Our skin becomes pale because
Red blood cells in face needed for oxygen
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Liver has its own supply of


Red blood cells & sugars

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When stressed we crave


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The body is preparing for


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We need sugar for


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