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2. What does the activation synthesis theory sugest?

  • dreams don't have a meaning they are caused by the brain making sense of a random string of thoughts
  • dreams do have a meaning which we can decode
  • they don't know why we have a dream

3. What does the biological explanation suggest?

  • Your heart beat increases when your dreaming causing a nightmare
  • dreaming takes place in REM ( rapid eye movement)
  • dreaming occurs when you have an imbalance of chemicals

4. What is the contribution of dream analysis?

  • the unconscious desires become conscious and can be overcome
  • the conscious desires become unconscious and can't be overcome
  • find out what they dream about which can help decide if they are sane

5. What is the psychodyanmic approach have significance importance of?

  • finds out our desires
  • treating mental, personality , and anxiety disorders
  • finding out why people have dreams
  • helps treat mental , physical and mad up disorders


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