Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing studies, explanations and evaluation

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1. What is an example of psychic healing?

  • Prayer, wishing, calpol
  • Palm reading, aura detection, surgery
  • Prayer, therapeutic touch, reiki healing
  • Therapeutic touch, medicine, voo-doo
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2. What were the findings of cha et al's study?

  • There were ethical issues
  • The infertile women who were prayed for, were twice more likely to become pregnant than the control group
  • The infertile women showed no improvement
  • the Christian strangers did not pray for the group and so, this affected the results

3. What were the findings for Rosa et al's study?

  • 44% of therapeutic touch practitioners answered correctly, which is lower than chance
  • The results support the existence of psychic healing
  • the results led to the acceptance of a null-hypothesis
  • 58% of therapeutic touch practitioners answered incorrectly

4. Which are the following are negative evaluation points?

  • Rosa et al's study, the placebo effect, lack of reliability
  • Confirmation bias, wiseman and greening's study, Cha et al's study
  • Wirth et al's study, Cha et al's study, lack of control
  • Lack of reliability, Blackmore and Troscianko's study, Radin's study

5. What is a negative evaluation point for Rosa et al's study?

  • 21 practitioners were used so it lack population validity
  • it lacks credibility
  • The study was designed by a nine years old girl
  • The study used real-life therapeutic touch practitioners


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