PSYCH UNIT 3- Success and Failure Dieting - Food

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1. Denying a thought has an opposite effect making what you're trying to deny yourself more prominent. What is this known as?

  • The Success of Dieting
  • the Breakdown Model
  • The theory of Ironic Processes of Mental Control
  • Restraint Theory
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2. An issue with Redden's Jelly Bean study is that...

  • it was a laboratory experiment and therefore lacked mundane realism and participants were prone to demand characteristics
  • people got ill from too many jelly beans
  • there were high levels of control

3. Who discovered in a meta-analyisis that Anti-diet programmes led to eating improvements and better psychological well-being?

  • Higgins and Gray
  • Watson et al
  • Herman and Polivy
  • Wardle and Beales

4. The success of dieting Redden claimed is due to paying attention to...

  • the details and specifics of the diet/foods you are eating
  • how many calories you are eating
  • the amount of weight you are losing
  • how skinny your friends are in comparison to yourself

5. Who proposed the Boundary Model?

  • Bandura
  • Kern et al
  • Herman and Polivy
  • Wardle and Beales


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