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2. In which substage of of Piaget's Sensorimotor stage of development is an infant likely to exhibit deferred imitation?

  • Secondary circular reactions
  • Primary circular reactions
  • Beginning of thought
  • Tertiary circular reactions

3. Does Piaget suggest that children are active or passive during development?

  • Both, depending on the specific situation
  • Both, depending on the stage of development the child is in
  • Active
  • Passive

4. Infants use their head to turn on a light after observing an adult do the same with free hands, but use their hands after observing an adult do the same with tied hands. This is called...

  • emulatory rationalisation
  • reasonable imitation
  • rational imitation
  • emulatory imitation

5. According to the core knowledge theory, how would infants in the Saskialulu tribe differ in reasoning tasks to western infants?

  • It would depend on the social-cognitive structure of the tribe
  • They wouldn't
  • They would be better at tasks that were relevant to their day-to-day lives, but may underperform on abstract tasks
  • It would be influenced by the gender of the child and the gender of their primary caregiver


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