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2. Who proposed the Multi Store Model of Memory?

  • Milgram
  • Atkinson and Shiffrin
  • Loftus and Zanni
  • Baddeley and Hitch

3. Which 3 memory stores does the MSM comprise of?

  • Short term memory, Long term memory, Visual spatial sketchpad
  • Sensory memory, Short term memory, Long term memory
  • Sensory memory, Central executive, Long term memory
  • Phonological loop, Short term memory, Sensory memory

4. Duration of LTM?

  • Lifetime
  • 10 years
  • 18-30 seconds
  • 12.5 years

5. A study conducted to see the effects of schema on Eye Witness Testimony?

  • List
  • Loftus
  • Foster
  • Christianson and Hubinette


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